How Can Lip Blush Treat Cold Sores, Fordyce Spots, and More?

How Can Lip Blush Treat Cold Sores, Fordyce Spots, and More?

As a permanent makeup artist, you sometimes encounter customers with specific lip conditions. For instance, you might get a visit from clients with Fordyce spots or cold spots. These lip conditions lower the self-confidence of the clients and can encourage them to look for treatments. This is when you showcase the beauty results of the PMU procedures to catch their interest in your services. 

In the world of PMU procedures, lip pigmentation can be the solution to many lip conditions. If you are curious to learn how a lip pigment tattoo can solve these problems, read the blog until the very end. Let’s start.

How Does Lip Blushing Treat Various Lip Conditions?

Lip blushing is a method in which pigment is applied to the lips. PMU artists uses their skills to change the shape or colour of the lips to enhance the client's lip features. Clients with specific lip flaws, such as scarring, can also be solved by PMU procedures. 

Do you know the best part about lip blushing? It can be performed with various styles, forms and shapes. Simply, this method can correct diverse and unique lip conditions.

What Are The Common Lip Blush Conditions? 

Many clients decide to undergo lip blushing for aging and asymmetry. But this is not all. This PMU method can correct lip conditions ranging from scarring to albinism. Below are some of the lip conditions that a PMU artist may encounter in everyday practice.

1. Hyperpigmentation:

This might be one of the most common lip conditions faced by clients. This skin condition causes a side effect of uneven pigmentation. This is a trouble because it can complicate the harmonious result of the lip blush. In this condition, as a PMU artist choosing the right pigment becomes very crucial.

Correcting this lip condition requires a great deal of skill and a well-made plan. A PMU artist first examines the anatomy of the lip and the skin texture to plan the course of correction. After the client's lip features are assessed, the technique and the colour combinations are decided.

Whether you prefer feathering, layering, or blending, these methods enable the lip blush process to match the natural lip features of the client.

2. Albinism and Vitiligo:

“Albinism and vitiligo is a skin condition where the lack of melanin can create an uneven pigmentation.“

Lip blushing clients with melanin-induced problems is a challenging task. In this condition, you might apply more lip pigments to the borders where the shape is lost due to the lack of melanin. Or you may be working on the lip surface where a patch of melanin-less skin demands your attention. 

In either case, the aim is to offer natural results as much as possible. This requires thorough knowledge of colour theory, practice, and experience. So, if you encounter clients with melanin lip problems, ensure your work creates a harmonious result that matches the rest of the face. In totality, it should aim to enhance the client's overall beauty. 

3. Cold Sores:

Cold sores are caused by a virus called herpes simplex virus. This condition makes it hard for the PMU artist to perform lip blush. 

Lip blush can not be performed on clients with cold sores. It can only be done when the clients have recovered from these painful lip blisters. 

Cold sores can also develop after the lip blush due to the trauma of the needles, which can slow the healing process. This is not always the case with every client. You may encounter a client with high immunity function and others susceptible to easy infections such as cold sores. 

One of the ways to ensure your client does not develop cold sores is the use of topical antivirals. Advise your clients to seek their healthcare provider to remain on the safe side when using immunity-boosting or preventive medicines.

A qualified and skilled PMU artist will approach the process of lip blushing in a way that minimizes the trauma faced by your lips. This, in turn, reduces the probability of getting cold sores.

4. Fordyce Spots:

These are tiny, harmless white bumps that can appear on the lips, gums, or genitalia. People looking to correct this skin condition can discover a solution through lip blushing. This method offers a simple, permanent, and cost-effective option for Fordyce spot correction. But the main thing to note here is that lip blush can not make these little bumps disappear. A lip tattoo can only camouflage the appearance of the tiny white bumps.

5. Uneven Lip Shape:

People often freak out when they realize their lips are uneven and it is holding the true beauty of their face. Many think of going for surgery to correct this lip condition. Surgery option comes with its own set of risks and is a costly process to undergo.

However, this is not the case when you choose a more simple, cost effective and simple process to lip correction. Well, you guessed it right! Lip blush can be the solution to draw the desired contour with the right pigments to give a natural result to the client.

6. Lip Freckles:

For clients with lip freckles, the correction can be done in two ways. You can either camouflage the freckles completely or take a gentler approach where the freckles are partially visible. Some people regard freckles as a feature that enhances the beauty of their face. So, it is totally up to your client to choose whether they want to go with the former approach or the latter one. 

Final Words!

Lip pigment problems are very common in the PMU world. Almost every person dreams of skin without any scars or flaws.  As a PMU artist, it is your dirty to learn about all the lip conditions and the way you can offer correct and beautiful results to your clients.

If you are a beginner, this practice might seem like a challenging one, but with a belief in your skill and the right knowledge, you can become successful. Keep learning and offer the services your clients want.