Master Lip and Brow Correction with Evenflo’s Corrector/Modifier Set - Evenflo

Master Lip and Brow Correction with Evenflo’s Corrector/Modifier Set - Evenflo

The world of permanent makeup holds immense potential for enhancing clients' natural beauty, but achieving flawless results, especially for darker lips or discolored eyebrows, can pose a unique challenge. Fortunately,Perma Blend's Evenflo Corrector/Modifier  Set equips artists with a powerful trio of pigments designed to navigate this complexity with confidence. These pigments empower artists to go beyond mere correction, crafting bespoke colors that enhance natural beauty and leave clients speechless. So, let’s get to know about them:

Meet the Three Pillars of Evenflo

Forget boring, one-size-fits-all pigments! The Evenflo set is a dynamic trio, each pigment is a vibrant warrior with a specific mission. The orange Neutralizer boldly banishes blue undertones, the red Colouriser removes green brows, and the yellow Illume conquers deep purplish hues. Together, they seamlessly work in harmony to transform even the trickiest lips and brows.


Ever seen lips with stubborn blue undertones? Meet the Neutralizer, an intensely pigmented bright orange with a warm undertone. This pigment is to neutralize dark bluish hues. Neutralizer can be used on lips straight or mixed with target colour. For blue eyebrow correction use diluted Neutralizer. Can be added to lip or brow colours to prevent becoming blue.

 Lulu’s favorite mix: Malina + Neutralizer in different proportions. 6-8 drops Hazel + 1 or 2 drops Neutralizer for eyebrows.


Struggle to achieve flattering pink shades on darker lips? This warm-toned red is your game-changer! Colourizer can be used on neutralized lips as a final step to achieve a pinkish colour. It can also be used with Neutralizer for attractive, bright red lips. Lastly, Colourizer can be added to black to prevent eyeliner turning blue; for example, add 2 drops of Colorizer to black eyeliner pigment.

Mix and match with your favorite colours to create personalized shades that perfectly complement each client's unique features.


Ever felt stuck dealing with deep purplish lip hues? Say hello to Illume, your new secret weapon! Illume can be used to lighten lips, eyebrows and areolas. If your client’s lips are purple-blue toned, mix illume with Neutralizer.

After neutralizing cool/dark tones in the first pass, it is recommended to use warm red or coral tones, like Colorizer, Malina or Lulu’s Rosé. illume can be used on eyebrows to neutralize cool tones with purple hues. Illume can also be added to brow colours to warm up the tone; for example, add 2 drops of illume to 7 drops of Oak.

Lulu’s favorite mix: 6-8 drops Oak + 1 or 2 drops illume for eyebrows.

Secrets of Transformation

To extract the full potential of the Evenflo set, a two-step process and careful client consideration are key:

Step 1: Laying the Foundation with Neutralization

First things first, the process begins by employing a special colour called Neutralizer. Think of it like a gentle eraser that gets rid of any blue or pink tones that might be hanging around on the lips. This leaves behind a smooth, peachy base like a blank canvas, ready for some amazing colour! Sometimes, if the unwanted colors are extra stubborn, another session might be needed, but that's just to make sure the canvas is perfect.

Step 2: Embracing the Power of Customization

After the healing period, we introduce the Colourizer pigment. Think of it as a special tool for permanent makeup artists who want to make their clients' lips stand out. This cool undertone red pigment is designed to mix effortlessly with other lip colors. So, as a permanent makeup artist, you can create custom shades that perfectly suit your client's style and complexion. It's all about giving your clients lips that boost their confidence and showcase their unique beauty.

Beyond the Technique: Safety and Expertise Always Come First

Before commencing any lip correction procedure, prioritizing client safety and informed consent is paramount:

Hyperpigmentation and Informed Consent:

It's crucial to inquire about a history of hyperpigmentation, as these skin profiles present a higher risk of undesired outcomes and require extra caution. Discuss all potential risks and ensure clients fully understand the procedure before proceeding.

Experience Matters

Perma Blend strongly recommends that only artists with at least two years of experience attempt lip correction procedures. This intricate process demands a deep understanding of colour theory, skin types, and potential risks, ensuring optimal results for your clients.

The Evenflo Advantage: A World of Colour at Your Fingertips

By incorporating an Evenflo Corrector or the Modifier Set into your permanent makeup artistry, you unlock a world of benefits:

Correct Dark Lips or Botched Brows with Confidence

No longer shy away from clients with darker lips or botched brows. Evenflo empowers you to address a wider range of concerns, tackling various undertones with precision and confidence.

Craft Bespoke Lip and Brow Colours

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions. Mix and match pigments to create truly personalized shades that flatter each client's unique features and desires.

Elevate Your Artistry

Master the art of lip and brow correction with pigments designed for optimal results and ease of use. Impress your clients and expand your practice with this versatile and powerful toolkit.


With the Evenflo Correctors and the Modifier Set by your side, you can empower your clients to embrace bolder, brighter, and more beautiful lips and brows, while simultaneously elevating your artistry to new heights. So, delve into the endless possibilities that Evenflo offers, and witness the transformation unfold!