Inkless Double Sided Practice Skin, Lip Blush practice skin, latex free practice skin for permanent makeup

Double Sided Lip Blush Practice Skin

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Inkless Doubled Sided Lip Blush Practice Skin

Our Doubled-Sided Inkless Practice Skin is now available for Lip Blush Artists!

  • Inkless soft practice skin with a similar feel to real human skin
  • Perfect for practicing Lip Blush techniques
  • These practice skins are perfect for practicing both outlining and shading
  • Our practice skins are flexible so they can be contoured to be just like real human skin

Our New Inkless Double Sided Practice Skin is here to help you

  • Practice confidently
  • Try out new permanent makeup machines without risk
  • Try out new and/or different techniques, and
  • Prepare for client meetings


Inkless Doubled Sided Lip Blush Practice Skin Packages Includes:

  • 1 x Doubled-Sided Inkless Practice Skin (with Lip Outline)


Please note* Use with Pampers baby wipes and baby oil to clean practice skin while practicing.