Ombre Powder Brows and Microblading

Difference between Ombre powder brows and Microblading?

Ombre powder brows and microblading are both forms of permanent makeup(also known as PMU). Permanent makeup has been around for decades. As time has gone on, we have seen major improvements in our techniques as makeup artists, and they continue to improve with time. The eyebrows are no exception to this and we have seen eyebrows evolve from being thin drawn on lines, to being more natural and fuller.  

Many clients often ask what the difference is between microblading and ombre powder brows? Both techniques are used to enhance the brows, but they are applied in different ways. It depends on what the client wants in the end, but we can advise them on which to get based on a couple of factors.

Microblading is an older technique that is still popular today, but many artists are starting to steer away from it. Microblading is a manual process where a tattoo is applied to the brows by slicing hairstrokes into the clients brows and the dye goes into the incision.

Ombre powder brows are applied with permanent makeup machines, which makes this technique more modern than microblading. Ombre powder brows essentially use a tattoo machine which applies dye to the brows using micro dots. This application provides a seamless brow, and you can get an ombre effect easily - going from light at the front of the brow to darker at the tail.

Ombre Powder brows give a more put together makeup look, while still being natural. Microbladed brows are individual hair strokes on the brow, which will also look natural but can sometimes look less full. 

Which Lasts Longer: Ombre Powder Brows Or Microblading?

With both ombre powder brows and microblading, it depends on how you take care of them, and your skin type, to determine how long they will last. 

Generally speaking, Ombre Powder Brows have been known to last longer than microbladed brows. 

Microbladed brows can last anywhere from 1-3 years. It is uncommon for them to last the whole 3 years, but if you take good care of them it is possible. Usually when you get any brow procedure done, this also includes touch-ups and you can pay for additional touch ups. 

Microbladed brows tend to fade quicker than ombre powder brows. This makes sense when you think about it - Microbladed brows are essentially many tattoo lines on your brows. You can have some of those lines fade quicker than other lines - but when this happens it will make your brows look faded quicker. 

Do ombre powder brows fade completely?

Ombre powder brows are known to last 2-3 years. It is more common for Ombre Powder Brows to last longer than microblade brows. Ombre powder brows won’t look like they have faded as quickly as microblade brows because of the newer techniques that are used to apply the pigment. 

When you get ombre powder brows, you are getting a tattoo made up of many small dots. Unlike microblading where individual lines can fade, ombre powder brows won’t have such stark faded lines. They will fade more seamlessly while still looking put together. 

Like microblading, ombre powder brow applications usually come with a touch-up, and you can purchase additional touch-ups. Make sure to ask your permanent makeup artist what is included with your service.

Ombre powder brows can fade if completely left alone with no touch-ups, but this will depend on your skin type, your lifestyle, and what type of pigment was used. You can always ask your artist what type of products and pigments they use and ask them what they think is best for your situation.

If you are a new or experienced PMU, Toronto Brow Shop sells a variety of Brow Daddy Pigments and Perma Blend Pigments.

Do Ombre brows look natural?

Yes! Ombre powder brows look natural, and some argue that they look more natural than microblade brows. Ombre powder brows will make your brows look fuller and have that natural “ombre” effect.

Your brows naturally have an ombre effect - being lighter at the front and darker at the tail. Your brows are also naturally darker on the bottom than at the top. Ombre powder brows can enhance this look while also filling in the rest of your brows. 

How do I know which one to choose - Microblading or Ombre Powder Brow?

You should always research different artists in your area first. Look at their portfolios and see what the results are for each technique that they use. Also, make sure to check out how the brows that they did look after they are healed, and even several years later. Your artist should have some of these pictures unless they are new. If the artist you are working with is new, you can always ask them where they have trained and pictures of their current work.

Microblading, unfortunately, has a bit more factors that you should consider before choosing this method.

You are a good candidate for microblading if you:

  • Don’t have oily or dry skin.
  • Have smaller pores.
  • Don’t have any major skin conditions.
  • Are not prone to getting keloids.

There are also some artists who say if you are over the age of 55 you should not get microblading done. When our skin ages, it can lose its elasticity and therefore make you not a suitable candidate for microblading.

Microblading can also be great for someone who has experienced hair loss and wants the look of individual hair strokes. 

As you can see, microblading is basically for individuals who have very good skin and are looking for this type of look. 

Ombre Powder Brows, on the other hand, are great for lots of different people. 

You are a good candidate for Ombre Powder Brows if you:

  • Have oily or dry skin.
  • Have large or small pores.
  • Have some skin condition - even with hair loss conditions like alopecia.
  • Spend time outdoors.
  • Have thicker brows.

Ombre powder brows are great for many different skin types because of the application. The application uses microdots, and for this reason, the skin type won’t make the pigment fade as quickly as microblade brows would. Also, with the microdots instead of the slices, it doesn’t matter if your pores are smaller or larger.

Ombre powder brows aren’t limited to only those with nearly perfect skin. Ombre powder brows are more so the solution for everyone.

If you spend significant time outdoors, you also may want to consider ombre powder brows instead of microblade brows. Ombre powder brows will not appear to fade as quickly as microblade brows, because of the stippling dots instead of hair strokes. 

The last thing to consider is the brows that you already have. Ombre brows are great for anyone with thin or thick brows. The application will give a natural ombre look, and will also fill your brows in. If you have thick brows, microblading can get lost in the hair that you already have, while ombre brows will give the look that you filled them in.

Do ombre powder brows hurt?

You would be surprised to hear that ombre powder brows are often said to hurt less than microblade brows.

This seems to be the case because of the machine and technique that is used to apply the brows. If you have ever gotten a tattoo - it is a similar machine but with much smaller needles, and sometimes only one needle. 

Microblading is a scalpel-like tool that makes single incisions into your brows where the dye goes. This is a manual process and is dependent on the artist to use the correct amount of pressure. 

Ombre powder brows actually use a tool similar to a tattoo machine. It is still up to the artist to apply the correct amount of pressure, but the needles are smaller and the machine is easier to control. 

Because of the machine used and because it is microdots used to shade in the brow area instead of long strokes, this makes this technique hurt less. It is essentially less surface area injured at once.

Most artists use a numbing cream for either procedure. If you are worried about the pain, let your artist know. Typically they can apply more cream and they will ensure you are prepared for the procedure. You can also request numbing gel during the procedures if your artist has this.

When you get any type of permanent or semi-permanent makeup done, you should expect some amount of pain. Everyone is different and everyone has different pain tolerance levels, so it can be hard to say how much it actually hurts. Based on experiences we have heard, it should hurt less than getting a tattoo and is described as being uncomfortable rather than painful in most situations. 


There are some major differences between microblading and ombre powder brows. Ombre powder brows are becoming more popular due to the technique used, that they are less painful, and that they don’t fade as quickly. 

Ombre powder brows use a machine that uses microdots to shade in the area of the brow and create a natural ombre look - faded at the front and becoming darker at the tail. Microblading is an older technique that uses a single blade to make hair strokes on the brow that pigment goes into.

Ombre powder brows are great for most skin types and usually will withstand the test of time when compared to microblade brows. Ombre powder brows are known to hurt less as well when compared to microblade brows. 

We hope this article helps you decide which brow type is best for you! 

Have you been on the fence about which technique you want to go for? If you have any questions about ombre powder brows, make sure to leave a comment below so we can answer any of your questions!

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