Ombre Powder Brows

Aftercare For Ombre Powder Brows

Once you have had your ombre powder brow tattoo applied, you might think “Great! That is done and over with!” 

Well, not exactly. The actual tattoo time applying the ombre powder brows may take around 2 hours roughly from start to finish. BUT the healing time you can expect to take up to 14 days after the tattoo. 

There are some strict instructions you should pay attention to during this time. Another unfortunate fact is that some newer Permanent Makeup (PMU) artists may not have the correct information. Some healing and aftercare advice is outdated and if your PMU doesn’t have the right information, that could be a disaster for you.

We all know what happens when you start googling symptoms and pictures of cuts/tattoos/eyebrows gone wrong. We don’t want to do that. We want to follow trusted procedures and instructions for keeping our brows clean during the healing process. Keeping them clean will ensure the best possible chance of a quick and easy recovery. 

Your ombre powder brows are tattoos that are skin injuries. If you have ever had a tattoo before, you will know (if you had a good artist) that the aftercare of your tattoo is extremely important. The risk of infection when these instructions aren’t followed is much higher, and if the infection does occur, it can be really painful.

We want to avoid all of that and keep the area nice and clean. There are a couple of different methods that PMU artists go by for aftercare and we will discuss them in this article. That way, you know the important information, you can consult with your PMU artist, and have the best chance of an easy recovery.

What To Expect After Ombre Powder Eyebrows?

After your ombre powder brows are done, you will notice that they are darker than you probably expected. This is completely normal! 

Your eyebrows will be darker for at least the next 7-14 days. This is because your eyebrows are going to be healing, and then eventually they will scab and flake off - which then reveals a closer color you can expect for your brows. 

How To Care For Your Ombre Powder Brows

Immediately after your ombre powder brow appointment, you will have some specific instructions you will need to follow. 

For the first hour after your brows are done, you will need to blot your brows. To do this, you will need to take a clean tissue and gently pat your eyebrows. Do not use anything except clean tissue - no toilet paper or towels that could leave any debris behind. A clean tissue will be the most sanitary thing you could use.

After any wound, you have probably noticed that your body produces a liquid substance before it scabs - this is protecting it. This is your wound weeping and it is lymphatic fluid. Lymph fluid is produced when there is a cut on your skin to protect the wound and allow healing to happen. 

While we do want healing to happen and a scab to form, we don’t want it to form too quickly. If a scab is formed quickly with the lymph fluid and we do not blot, a large scab will be produced. When a large scab happens, it can become connected to the pigment underneath the skin because the wound is very fresh. 

If your scab forms quickly and becomes large, when it peels or flakes off it is more likely to take the pigment with it, and we do not want that to happen. So, to prevent this, we recommend clients dab their eyebrows with a tissue every 5 minutes for the first hour after their eyebrows are done.

After the first hour, it is then recommended to blot your eyebrows once every 20 minutes for at least 6-8 hours. 

The aftercare you do directly after having your ombre powder brows are applied is the most crucial step. Please follow these instructions carefully and consult with your PMU artist as well. They may have some other steps they want you to take as well. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to them - make sure you have all of their contact information!

Wet Vs. Dry Healing

There are two methods of cleaning and healing your ombre powder brows - the wet method and the dry method. 

The wet method is what most PMU artists use now. It is considered the best method among many artists, but some still recommend the dry method too. 

The wet and dry method of healing refers to what you put on your brows after you cleanse the area. When you are cleansing the area, you will want to use a gentle face wash that is unscented. Scents in any soaps can cause irritation, and this is even more apparent when you have an open wound. Many PMU artists recommend Cetaphil as it is scent-free and gentle on the skin. 




When clients hear wet or dry methods, sometimes they think they don’t need to cleanse the area and that these methods just refer to what they need to put on as an ointment. 

This is false information. You always want to cleanse the skin at least 2 times a day - usually morning and night. When you use your gentle cleanser, you will want to gently wash the eyebrow area and then thoroughly rinse it with water. 

Here is where the wet vs dry healing method comes into play - it is referring to what you should do AFTER you have cleansed. 

Many PMU artists recommend the wet method - keeping the eyebrows moist with a scent-free healing ointment. When you apply this ointment, it is very important to apply only a thin layer. You still want your wound to breathe and get oxygen. If it can’t breathe and too much product is applied, then you could risk infection or a large scab being produced. 

You can apply a very thin layer of ointment after each cleanse, and sometimes your PMU artist will recommend applying an ointment throughout the day as well. Some PMU artists recommend 3 times a day, but this is something you should discuss with them.

The dry method is when you don’t put anything on your eyebrows after cleansing them and letting the air get to them as much as possible. This is okay, but your eyebrows will become very dry and flakey. Keeping a thin layer of healing ointment on your eyebrows will aid in the healing process and may help your brows to completed heal faster. 

Additional Steps To Take For Your Ombre Powder Brows

Your ombre powder brows will need to, for the most part, stay dry for the next 2 weeks. 

While we discussed the wet vs dry method of taking care of your brows, in between actually cleansing and applying ointment(if you’re doing the wet method), you should keep your brows dry. You don’t want any water or moisture getting on your brows. 

This means you will want to pay close attention to your daily activities. When showering, you will want to avoid really hot temperatures and you will want to keep your showers short. Try to only wash your body if you can, and wash your hair separately in a sink or wash your hair at the end of your shower. Carefully wash your hair and try not to get your eyebrows too wet.

You will also want to avoid hard exercise regimens. Sweat can drip down onto your eyebrows and if they are not cleaned afterward it could cause infection. Also, your sweat is salty, so you don’t want salt liquid going into an open wound as it can sting. You will want to avoid any activity where you are sweating a lot for at least 7 days. Your PMU artist may even suggest waiting up to 14 days.

Along with sweating during exercise, you will also want to avoid going out into hot climates where you could be sweating as well. This includes outside if you live n a hot area, as well as in hot tubs or saunas. 

Sun exposure should also be avoided either way - you won’t be able to apply sunscreen to the area around/on your eyebrows and since your skin is compromised, you could be more likely to get a sunburn.

After the first week of healing, you will notice your brows scabbing - this is normal! You will want to leave them alone and DO NOT pick at your brows! 

Picking the scabs off of your brows will delay the healing process and picking the scabs could lift the pigment underneath. Also, picking the scabs could cause infection, further delaying the healing process. 

You want to leave your brows alone other than cleansing them and applying ointment. Let nature take its course and let the scabs fall off by themselves. For most people, the scabs will completely fall off within 14 days. 

How long do ombre powder brows last?

When you follow the proper aftercare steps, your ombre powder brows can last longer than other permanent eyebrow applications like microblading. 

Ombre powder brows can last between 2-3 years, but you will most likely need at least one touch-up. Normally you will have one touch-up 4-8 weeks after your first appointment, then some PMU artists will offer one more touch-up in about a year. This depends on your artist so make sure you know what you’re getting with your services. 

There are cases where ombre powder brows last much longer for people, and it will depend on your lifestyle. Things like sun exposure and where you live, working out, and what you use to wash your face can play a factor in how long your brows will last. 

If you follow all the guidelines and steps in this article, along with the instructions from your PMU artist, you should have a very easy healing process. While it can be a bit annoying to deal with flakey skin, the end result is worth it!

If your client has any problems, make sure to provide the best customer service to them and check up on them often. You always want to make sure your clients are happy and following the correct steps for their healing process. 

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