15 PMU supplies for achieving the best look: A guide for PMU artists

15 PMU supplies for achieving the best look: A guide for PMU artists

Every stroke in the world of permanent makeup (PMU) doesn’t just demand artistry but also unwavering precision and safety. As a PMU artist, you must learn the right tools that work for you to elevate your creations and build trust.

Take control of every stroke and achieve pixel-perfect precision with our premier PMU supplies. Experience the difference that premium quality makes, fostering trust and tranquility for you and your clients.

Are you ready to take your PMU artistry to the next level? If yes, in our blog, you’ll learn about fifteen PMU supplies we recommend that you can use to improve your work. So, let’s begin.

Here are the permanent makeup supplies you must get your hands on:-

1. Mara Pro All Skin Magic Wheel Concealer

The Mara Pro All Skin Magic Wheel Concealer is a professional-grade concealer palette that offers 6 versatile shades to match any skin tone. It provides buildable medium to full coverage, a soft-focus finish, and long-lasting wear. The formula is lightweight, crease-proof, and infused with plant-based glycerin for hydration. It's also vegan, cruelty-free, and suitable for all skin types.

2. Brow Daddy Framework Master Pencil

The framework master pencil by Brow Daddy is a great tool for every PMU artist. This pre-draw pencil cuts down draw time and is made with a reliable and unbreakable core that you can use confidently. The possibilities are endless with this pre-draw pencil!

3. Brow Definer by Buff Browz

The mapping pen no brow artist can live without. The Buff Browz Brow Definer is ideal for mapping the brows during any procedure. This pocket-sized power pen glides effortlessly onto the skin, creating a crisp outline that can be followed throughout the entire treatment.

4. Platinum Edge Razors

These sleek, single-edge razors are crafted from pure steel for durability and sharpness. Their compact size (58 x 15mm) makes them ideal for targeted hair removal around the eyebrows, neck, face, and other delicate areas.

Gentle yet effective, these blades offer comfortable hair removal in even the finest areas. Perfect for both salon professionals and personal use, they're lightweight and easy to store.

5. Disposable Dental Bibs

They are also known as tray/table protectors and are used to make an area for placing objects. They are made of 2 ply of paper and 1 ply of poly (a plastic coating on the back to prevent liquids from seeping onto surfaces and to increase the strength of the bib). They minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

6. Disposable Eyebrow Sticker Rulers

By using this eyebrow sticker ruler, PMU artists can shape the brows of their clients for any brow procedure. The display clearly marks the head, tail and arch and it is very beneficial for permanent makeup artists who are just starting and even for the expert ones.

7. Disposable Pigment/Ink Ring

This ink ring is an essential tool that every PMU artist must use. It has a small sponge which will hold the pigment and stop it from spilling. You can wear it on your non-dominant hand and soak the microblade or needle cartridge in the cup while using it.

8. Disposable Pigment/Ink Tray

It is a great product that has soft plastic moulding in it, which doesn’t let needle damage happen. This tray can hold multiple pigments, topical anesthetic, and even secondary anesthetic. Achieve optimal cleanliness and safety with this product's effective barrier against cross-contamination.

9. Double-Sided Brow & Lip Practice Skin- Fitzpatrick V

By using this microblading practice skin, you can practice skin tone colours which are identical to Fitzpatrick V. To do it; you can opt for your preferred cartridge/blade/tool and practice as much as you like. It’s a must-have for artists who are in the beginning phase or testing new pigments.

10. Double-Sided Lip Blush Practice Skin

Are you a lip blush artist? If yes, you must use this inkless soft practice skin to get a feel of human skin. You can practice different lip brush techniques on it. Alongside this, you can use our double-sided practice skin for shading and outlining as well. Its flexibility will give you a feel of a real human skin to practice. 

11. Doubled-Sided Microblading Practice Skin

Do you know that you can practice different techniques like microblading, machine shading, and ombre powder brows with this practice skin? Yes, you can even polish your microblading skills by practicing on this skin. The double-sided skin makes it a lot more valuable with different stencils and designs on the front and back.

12. Eyebrow Mapping String

The mapping and pre-draw process is very important for brow artists. You can perfect this process by using this eyebrow mapping string. To make the finest brow symmetry before any procedure, you can utilize this inked string. Its length is ten metres. Furthermore, you can choose between white or black pre-inked mapping strings.

13. Green Soap

A sure-shot way to remove impurities from the skin and scalp is to use green soap. With this tincture of green soap, you will achieve a lot more results. You can even clean surgical instruments by using it. 

14. Jellify

Say goodbye to messy spills and potential cross-contamination, which happens during procedures with Jellify! It becomes very useful when you do a PMU or a body tattoo procedure. It is an environmentally safe and non-toxic solution made specifically to maintain hygiene. Furthermore, it has high liquid absorption, which prevents spillage. In fact, it can absorb 100-1000 times its mass but only in liquid. 

15. Looking Sharp Tool

The looking sharp tool is the best available tool in the market to sharpen all your pre-draw wax pencils. It has a very sharp blade which can be used to sharpen pre-draw wax pencils for permanent makeup procedures. It is made from very strong steel and can be used for months without any impact on the blade. This tool is a must-have for PMU artists.

Final Words

In conclusion, we just want to say that the above-listed fifteen PMU supplies are a must-have for every PMU artist. By using them, PMU artists can provide the best results as per each client’s needs. Alongside this, they may be able to work on their craft and improve their techniques by using these permanent makeup supplies.

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