Perma Blend
Luxe Pigments
A Complete line of REACH Compliant Ink. Same Quality, New Formulation.
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      Luxe Pigments

      by Perma Blend

      Manufactured adhering to the ISO 13485 quality control system.

      Color calibrated for accuracy.

      Vigorously tested for micro concerns throughout the entire manufacturing process.

      Tested by world renowned artists for performance, color clarity & ease of use.

      FAQ from Perma Blend

      Our products are confronted daily with rigorous testing. We cover everything, including performance testing and critical details, such as the presence of micro and heavy metals.  

      Laws vary from location to location due to the differing structures in legislation. It is impossible to expect every country to abide by the same laws since each legislation is drafted from a diversified set of guidelines. We adopt to all of the markets we supply and assess all regulations as a whole, in order to produce a product that satisfies all global regulations.

      Canadian and European laws are entirely different. Generally, the basis of the EU legislation in relation to the manufacturing of tattoo and PMU inks, is directed towards the use of restricted substances. There are more than 1,300 banned substances and ingredients. On the other hand, the United States regulations are focused mainly on advance proven safety, while still allowing the use of certain products.

      Yes, the colors are different because the pigments are different. LUXE is an entirely new formulation that meets the same exact standards of our classic line, but created with ingredients that adhere to the new European regulation. 

      Thats our plan! We collaborated with our artists in the Eu to launch with the most in-demand colors. We'll continue to expand the assortment to meet the needs of the region.

      We will be releasing new colors as they are created and gradually introducing them into the new line. We run a battery of tests on each pigment before they are released. This helps us ensure that everything meets our rigorous standards before the release of future additions to LUXE.