Blonde to Brunette



      Lulu Siciliano has created yet another essential pigment set for perfectionist like herself. Relying on science & testing by top artists, Blonde 2 brunette was designed as a pre-modified set for zero guesswork.
      This color palette is appropriate for all Fitzpatrick skin types from 1-6.
      Evenflo Colours worked the composition until the organic & inorganic pigments were balanced with the intention for the color to fade to neutral tones.
      With a higher pigment load & no mixing necessary, use any of the four pigments straight with needle cartridges or with manual devices.

      Blonde 2 Brunette Benefits:

      -Higher pigment loaded pre-modified formula

      -Innovative proper hybrid formula

      -Soft & natural effects upon healing

      -Suitable for all Fitzpatrick skin types from 1-6

      -Easy to deposit into the skin

      -Can be used alone or mixed with other pigments

      - Perfect for hairstrokes, ombre powder & shading techniques

      microblades or machines.